Misc Files

The TR5 materials were provided by K4OAH, Garey Barrell (SK). Some of the notes were probably added by Garey.

  • Drake TR5 schematic part 1, part 2. Looks incomplete.
  • Drake TR5 schematic Complete.
  • Drake TR5 pre-driver here. It looks like TR7's, but is identical to TR5's. It also has some useful notes. R2209 is missing in TR5's. Not sure whether it makes any difference on 10m. On page 5-4 of the TR5 manual, maximum pre-driver input on 14MHz is 0.25V RMS and the output 3.5V RMS. This one shows a 0.4V p-p input and 3V p-p output.
  • Drake TR5 PA brick pic here It looks to be from the TR7 service manual. A TR7 power brick will fit/work in a TR5. It just needs more current than the original.
  • Drake TR5 PA brick schematic here. Likely from the TR7 service manual too. TR5 PA is a bit simpler and has a lower power out.

  • Hallicrafters SR-400 Cyclone II redrawn schematic by Hewicker, DK3HE here
  • RME catalog c.a. 1947: RMEHam.pdf