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About me
  • Software Engineer (Real-Time Embedded Systems, Data Storage, Distrubuted Systems, Apache Hadoop PMC member/Committer)
  • Ham Radio Operator (K9SUL, ex-HL1SUL)

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  • Links
  • New! Family history The start of the "Hongju" Lee family was sometime in 1100s. The first ancestor who were awarded this last name by the King was a general in the army. He died in 1215. I am a 32nd generation.
  • Receiver Buying Guide from March 1963 issue of the 73 magazine. Apparently Gonset wasn't included.
  • Pictures from Dayton Hamvention 2016
  • Various measurements using NanoVNA
  • Misc files including Drake TR5 schematics

  • Recent Projects
  • 1956 Hallicrafters SX-100
  • 1960 Gonset SSB Station
  • Bucking transformer for vintage equipment
  • Linearity of "linear" amplifiers
  • Restoring Hallicrafters HT-30
  • Hammarlund HQ-100A. Product detector and AVC mod
  • Knight T-60 transmitter
  • Repair and restoration of a BC-348-P
  • Using a si5351 for generating carrier and band LO signal for the Drake TR-3
  • Drake L75 Linear Amplifier
  • Central Electronics 600L Linear amplifier
  • P&H LA-500M Spitfire Linear Amp
  • Building a power supply for the Hallicrafters SR-400
  • Hallicrafters HT-18
  • Motorola AM/FM Radio with push-pull audio, B31E
  • All Projects

    Vintage SSB station: Hallicrafters HT-18 Exciter(1947), S-53A Receiver(1948), Heathkit SB-10(1959), Central Electronics Sideband Slicer(1955), RME DB-23 Preselector(1956)

    1956 Hallicrafters SSB station: HT-30 transmitter(1955), SX-100 mark 1a receiver(1956)

    1960 Gonset SSB station: GSB-101 linear (1959), GSB-100 phasing type tx(1958), G-63 double conversion superhet rx(1960)

    Hallicraftets HT-32B(1960) and SX-115(1961)

    Drake TR5(1982), L75(1981), MN2700(1977), SP75 and P75